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Getting it right without a fight

Join BENJY and see how he learns to cope with the class bully CHUCK and stands up for himself.
Grades 1 to 3. (Can be modified for Grades 4 to 7.)

What this show teaches?
This show teaches the value of the magic word SELF-ESTEEM.
Develop confidence and personal power

“Getting it right without a fight” provided an important message for our students …they enjoyed your visit tremendously

Manoah Steves Elementary School

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I can say NO!

Experience the suspense as BENJY learns how to cope with the TEMPTATIONS of CIGARETTES, ALCOHOL and DRUGS.

What this show teaches?
This show teaches the value of dealing with TEMPTATION.
Grades 4 to 7

“Amazing” – “My children and I rated it as 10/10 plus a Gold Token!” –

“Humour aided this and made it very enjoyable” – “Professional closure”
Would you use him again? – “Yes – yes –yes” – “Absolutely” – “Without a doubt I would”

Golden Grove Primary School


Friends, Teachers and Relationships

Learn the value of TRUST and HONESTY and how to interact with FRIENDS, PARENTS and TEACHERS.

What this show teaches?
This show teaches the value of TRUST AND HONESTY.
Grades 1 to 3

“Good rapport with the pupils. Had their attention throughout. Content of show was very good. Was relevant and conveyed a positive message. Very professionally presented. Good sound and very smooth running. Outstanding educational and entertainment value. Fun way to learn. Would definitely use you again, and would recommend you to others. Well worth the money. Thank you once again for a most enjoyable show and for the unobtrusive and very professional way you conducted the preparations as well.”

Woodbridge Primary School

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