Jewish Themes

Stan’s Jewish shows on various themes have proved a tremendous success.  “The world of a Jew through the eyes of a puppet” has proved to be his most popular and presents unique aspects of being Jewish through the inquisitive questions of young Benjy, who cannot understand why, after the Jewish race have been through such persecution of the ages,  The answers are illustrated through popular songs such as “A Yiddishe Lied”, “Zaidy”, “A Yiddishe Momma”, “Eili, Eili”, “Shma B’ni”, and  ”Moshiach”. This is mainly an adult show, but can be appreciated by older children as well, who wish to find out more about their roots.Stan’s Channuka and Purim shows are more for children, using a mixture of ventriloquism and magic which always appeals to the kids.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a short video.

“Stan Shear combines many talents in a show that is fascinating for all ages.To have on the West Coast such a gifted entertainer makes it the best choice for a family Jewish event.”
Rabbi Meir Kaplan
Chabad of Vancouver Island


I also have shows for various occasions like Yom Ha’atzmaut and Lag b’Omer, and will create a suitable show just for your special occasion

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